Working papers

Electoral Turnovers, with Benjamin Marx and Vincent Pons. NBER Working Paper Series, No. 29766. R&R, Review of Economic Studies.

See also VoxEU column and press articles (Reason, Atlantico, Sciences Humaines, Le Figaro).

Ambient Density and Urban Crime: Evidence from Smartphone Data, with Raphaël Lafrogne-Joussier.

Honorable mention at the 2023 European UEA meeting.

The Lifecycle of Protests in the Digital Age, with Pierre Boyer, Germain Gauthier, Yves Le Yaouanq, and Benoit Schmutz-Bloch

See also IPP column.

Ongoing projects

How City Structure Evolves: Evidence from New York.

Incumbency Advantage at the Country Level, with Benjamin Marx and Vincent Pons.

Municipal Coordination, Zoning, and Inequality in Public Goods Access, with Laura Weiwu.

Publications in French

Introduction aux sciences économiques (the introductory economics textbook of Ecole Polytechnique), with Olivier Gossner and Jean-Baptiste Michau. Éditions Economica.

Les déterminants de la mobilisation des Gilets Jaunes (translated in English here), with Pierre Boyer, Thomas Delemotte, Germain Gauthier and Benoit Schmutz-Bloch. Revue Economique, 2020, 71, 1, pp. 109-138. 

See also IPP policy brief, op-ed in Le Monde, and press articles (France Inter, Le Figaro, Alternatives Economiques, Le Parisien, Libération)